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If you are unable to ask questions in a group setting or if you want me to have video calls with you everyday holding your hand while you do client work, this course is not for you.
This course is for people who are able to stand on their own feet. Not babies.
This is a group class and not an individual tutorial. You’d be able to consult your concerns in the FB group and also on our webinars and live meet ups.
I’m nice but not insane.
If that’s clear, then you can read on. 🙂


Let me tell you Janet’s story…

Janet was a sales manager for a multinational company and her job was very demanding.

She had weekly sales goals to achieve, she had to work on Sundays and she couldn’t find time to be with her loved ones due to the nature of her job. She couldn’t stand looking at her face in front of the mirror due to her stressed face. What’s worse is that her boyfriend got sick last December 2015 and until now he has not yet fully recovered. Due to the demand of her work, she couldn’t find time to be with him. In short she was stressed out and was sacrificing a lot of quality time with the people who mattered most in her life just to earn her keep. And even that was insufficient.

A blessing last October 2016…

Janet attended a seminar last October in Cebu where she connected with 4 other attendees. One of her groupmates referred her to the Work From Home Be Awesome (WFHBA) Mentorship Program and she enrolled mid-October. During that time, she had a hard time getting her Upwork profile approved and wasn’t able to submit proposals to prospective clients. But because of the hand-holding and step by step guidance of the mentorship program, her Upwork profile was approved, she was able to create winning cover letters, and knew when was the right time to submit proposals to get noticed by clients.

She now has 3 clients (all part time) and her daily schedule is not even busy. She has time to be with her loved ones, do household chores and cope up with the online mentorship lessons. Her goal for the next three months is to work harder to gain a lot of skills and get valuable connections so that she can achieve her ideal hourly rate mid-2017. Wasn’t that a very inspiring and motivating story?

Do you have the same problems?

  • Not enough money to support your family
  • You find it impossible to achieve your work from home goal (hint: get clients and charge at least 8USD per hour)
  • No quality time with your loved ones in exchange for money that doesn’t even cover all your needed expenses
  • Tired of working in the night shift
Do you have the same problems?

It’s not your fault…

Don’t be angry at yourself because you are in those situations. It’s just how it was designed by society for a very long time. You study at school, finish college, and then get a job. If you don’t get a job related to your field, you get a job in a BPO company. But…

It doesn’t have to be that way anymore!

There’s hope for you like there was hope for Janet. You can choose to solve your problems and put yourself in a better situation. The Work From Home Be Awesome – Be a Techie Virtual Assistant Course will help you achieve that!

Work From Home Be Awesome

Be a Techie VA Course

Enrollment for batch 2 is now open!!!

Some of our lessons…

  • Lesson 1 – Introduction, Knowing Who You Are, Establishing a connection with the group
  • Lesson 2 – You VA Business Vision, VA Business Planner
  • Lesson 3 – Your VA Business Branding, Online Coursera Hack
  • Lesson 4 –  What Your VA Website Should Have
  • Lesson 5 – Live Demo: Your VA Website’s Front Page Plus Free SSL from Interserver
  • Lesson 6 – Connecting your Domain Email to Gmail + How to apply in Upwork
  • Lesson 7 – Creating a Sub-domain, Installing Thrive & the Header & Footer Plugin
  • Lesson 8 – Migrating & duplicating WordPress Sites; Privacy Policy; Menu on Divi Theme
  • Lesson 9 – Copying a landing page using Divi
  • Lesson 10 – Using the Caldera Forms Plugin
  • Lesson 11 – Copying a Landing page using Thrive Content Builder

And we are still adding more! You get lifetime access to the course videos if you complete your 9-month membership.

Take a sneak peek of our lessons here:

Meet our current students:

Having effective mentors like Mommy Tasha and Coach Eleazar enables the mentees to unleash their potential and upgrade their virtual skills.. I believe we are well on our way to a richer skill set because of our mentors..This group batch 1 shared a common cause which is to spend more crucial time with loved ones that is why we are burning with desire to make all of these happen.

Tin Siruelo

Mommy Tasha and Coach Eleazar were both great inspirations and wonderful mentors. They have shared all their knowledge and skills so that a non-techie person like me can build my own website and more! I’m thankful for joining their class, and is looking forward to learning more of their “tech-secrets”. Kudos!

Richy Barbo

What do you get with the Work From Home Be Awesome Be a Techie Virtual Assistant Course?



  • Low price, High value mentorship and training that you can afford!
  • Weekly Zoom meetings where we will answer your questions and concerns about your Virtual Assistant journey (every Friday 9PM)
  • MONTHLY Live Meet Up so we can work together LIVE!
  • Resources – VA Contracts, Client Welcome Letter and more
  • Helping you get your VA branding up so you can attract your ideal clients
  • Setting up your VA website so you get a boost for your Techie VA profile and stand out amongst the other VAs out there
  • The starter skills you need to have so you can be a successful Virtual Assistant without starting with a super low rate
  • We’ll walk you through on your VA journey until you get your first client
  • Be part of an online club where we will support each other through our VA careers!

And so much more!

“This course is only for people who are serious about starting their work from home career within 9 months. You have to put in the work needed and we will guide you every step of the way.”

– Mommy Tasha and Coach Eleazar



Just 40 Php per day



Get these awesome bonuses (worth 50,000Php++) when you join the course!

Bonus #1 – Online Coursera Hack where you will get a certificate for completing a course or track

Bonus #2 – Free 2 Premium Themes and Plugins that you can use to enhance your skills and be a highly paid Techie Virtual Assistant

Is this course for me?

The Be a Techie Virtual Assistant Course was designed to help anyone become a Techie VA no matter what your background is. The prerequisite is that you know how to use Facebook on a computer (not too hard right?).

  • Call Center Agents / BPO Workers who want to be free of the night shift (just like Tasha and LJ)
  • Stay-at-home Moms / Dads who want to have additional income in USD
  • Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who want to come home for good
  • Corporate / Government Employees who are tired of politics in the office
  • General Admin VAs who want to upgrade their skills and charge higher rates

There is no mountain too steep that we cannot climb together aptly describes Work From Home Be Awesome. It has given me a sense of family. Mommy Tasha and Coach Eleazar are two driving forces that push us to reach our full potential. They recognize uniqueness of each student learner and thus provide the adequate tutorial guidance. They monitor how each student make progress in learning. Learning is fun with Mommy Tasha and Coach Eleazar. You guys rock!

Rach Castro

This mentorship program came at a time when I was feeling desperate about how to move forward in my VA journey. I felt I needed someone to walk me through the process and someone I could approach easily to answer my never-ending questions. I learn a lot from the weekly lessons and monthly live meet-ups. Our mentor, Mommy Tasha, is generous with her time and knowledge that from time to time, she initiates impromptu webinars so concerns of members can be addressed.

Ellie Trinidad

Both Mommy Tasha and Coach Eleazar share the same vision and mission that is to help newbies find their place in the Virtual industry. I have high regard for their partnership in this venture.

Beth Verar



Just 40 Php per day



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the program right for me? I'm a full time employee now.

Yes! The Be a Techie VA Course is right for you. We will personally guide you and you will have an accountability buddy sa group to help you complete your assignments and VA website para makahanap ka na ng VA work mo. 🙂

Why do you have this course?

Our goal is to help as many Filipinos as we can be able to work from the comfort of their homes, especially sa mga mommies and call center agents na katulad namin.

We have experienced working from home and we can say that it is such a blessing and we want to share it with the world, one mentee at a time.

Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

We have put in a lot of money, late nights and sweat to put up this course. However, we still believe in customer satisfaction (that’s what we learned from working in a BPO company).

Just email us about why you do not want to be in the course anymore and promise that you won’t be using the  freebies you got from the course and we’ll refund your money right away. Very simple right?