It’s Not What Happens, It’s What You Do About It

11092017 It's Not What Happens

It’s Not What Happens, It’s What You Do About It

I always strive to remember this.

It’ always very easy to blame somebody else for my failures.

Before, I blamed my boss for being so finicky. You know, that boss from hell?

Or I blamed our clients for having so high standards that it was so difficult to reach.

Or I blamed being in the night shift. That’s why I was not in tip top shape when I go to work.

Imagine my life before.

I go to sleep at 10AM and then I wake up at 2PM because I needed to be early to go to school (my previous company gave us discounts so we could finish college).

I go to school from 6PM to 9PM and then work from 10PM to 7AM. And sometimes I needed to extend hours at work because we needed some things done right away. And that was every month.

I did not have time for my kids anymore.

When I was at home, I was sleeping. And I was also sleeping on the weekends because I was so stressed out then that I can’t do anything else.

So if I died right then, the writing on my tombstone would be – “Here lies Tasha. Work, work, work, family sometimes.”
I did not want that!

And then I discovered it – It’s not what happens that determines the major part of your future. The key is what you do about it.

I heard this first from Jim Rohn in one of his youtube videos and it opened up my eyes.

He said that in order for you to changed your life, hopefully for the better, you need to do something different.

That’s why I decided to do something radically different and work from home.

I cannot change the circumstances at work but I can change myself. I can change what I do.

So I’m going to change my work. I’m going to work from home!

Since I just bought a laptop at that moment for an IT class, I decided that I would use it to work from home.

I’m still using the laptop now.

It has been 2 years since I started working from home and I am loving every minute of it. 🙂

Yes there are still challenges and I choose to make myself better to overcome them.

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