What Equipment Do You Need To Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant?

Equipment Work From Home Virtual Assistant

I received this question through email: What Equipment Do You Need To Work From Home As A Virtual Assistant?

This is not the first time that I received this question and it will probably be not the last time. And this question is asked a lot!

In this post, we will be talking about the hardware (physical) requirements that you’ll need to have to be a successful virtual assistant working from home.

You don’t need a lot of equipment to start working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

Here are my basic requirements:

1. A PC or laptop with at least 8GB of RAM 

Yes, I know, sounds techie but it really is not.

So most laptops or PCs nowadays come with 4GB of RAM when you buy them. Just ask the store where you will be buying it from if they can upgrade it for you to 8GB or more.

Trust me, you will need the upgrade.

When I first started, my laptop had 4GB of RAM and brand new. But it was very sloooow. And then I upgraded it’s RAM to 12GB and now. I can have 50 tabs open (I like to have one window per client) and my laptop would still work quickly! No lags.

If they tell you that you cannot upgrade the RAM then don’t buy it.

2. A decent internet connection

Do not scrimp on this. I would recommend having at least 3 Mbps speed. Get a Fiber internet connection if it is available.

I remember when I was still looking for my first client as a VA. My client and me were doing a video interview. However, my internet connection was so bad that we needed to turn off the video. It still did not get better. I can’t understand what the client was saying. He then terminated the call and said that he will just call me back later. He did not call me back. Ouch!

Many VA tasks need a stable internet connection. Make sure you connect directly to the internet using a LAN cable and not just WiFi so it’s more stable.

Consider this as an investment for your VA business. Most of the times, my internet connection is better than my clients’ and that’s plus ganda points for me!

3. Ergonomic chair

This kind of looks like my chair now.

This is essential too. Love your body!

You’ll be using this chair a lot and this will be your VA throne. It needs to be ergonomic so you don’t hurt your body.

I got mine second hand from an HMR store in Cubao. I was willing to spend Php 10,000 for a chair I saw online and when I saw that the same chair was available for only Php 4,000. I bought it right at that minute. And I enjoy sitting on my VA throne!


There you have it!

Those are the basics so you can get started working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

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